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This is a song I wrote for my girlfriend while she was away for a month. This is what we look like when we pose for pictures:

The instruments I use are: classical guitar and banjo

I recorded it on: crappy Sony recording software

It sounds like this:


Falling Action

Vonnegut’s interpretation of a story structure

Kurt Vonnegut’s description of nearly every story ever written is quite accurate. The circumstances of the protagonist will turn for the worse, if they haven’t started there, but will eventually resolve into happiness, bliss, good fortune, etc. I finished a poem today that I’ve been piecing together for about a month. Its story involves a protagonist that only experiences good, happy things. This is boring. To spare you of the dull, drab plot details I’ve started the poem at the end of the story. Its theme is slightly more biologically-instinctive-cravings-to-meet-needs-of-reproductive-system-oriented than what I’m used to writing, but so it goes.

Falling Action

Commence with the climax:





Slowly growing limp,

Growing limp,

Shrinking firmness:


Bed-backed and blissful,

Woven wicker legs  t r a d e  t o e s ,

Fingertips slide in sync,

Skin-skating over icewhite rink,

Emboss cryptic codes across chest.


What was antic, yet romantic,

Stripped our sayings of semantics;

Mouths become momentum

For no reason but rhythm.


Sweatdamp cheeks caressed

By salty touch of breath,

Gently tugs reins of awareness –

From gallop, to prance, to stride, to graze…

…Graze the

open pastures of

 neck-up. Peck up

behind earrings

she’s wearing;

lost in lea







the languid night grips language in throats –

and burning bedside candles


our speechless