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Beat Down

How fitting
That the printer
To a time of 5/4;
The most savage
Of rhythms.

Cosmic Trigger

So I’m switching gears to music for a bit. I’ll be posting recordings and experiments in sound I’ve done over the past 8 years or so.

This one is from last year. For a while I was naming my songs after books I was reading at the time, so this is called “Cosmic Trigger” after the Robert Anton Wilson novel. The noise makers used in this song are (in order of appearance):

gong, mandolin, acoustic guitar, djembe, service bell, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, glockenspiel, keyboard (with sitar effect), and Andy Spring’s voice.

Blues Jam (Dragonforce Edit)

I recorded a jam with a friend recently. This is what we looked like:

This is what we sounded like (after slowing the tempo down to an audible speed):


This is a song I wrote for my girlfriend while she was away for a month. This is what we look like when we pose for pictures:

The instruments I use are: classical guitar and banjo

I recorded it on: crappy Sony recording software

It sounds like this:


Stereophonic Chronic

I would like to announce the introduction of a new menu on this blog. It’s that one up there that says “Stereophonic Chronic.”

It is a collection of musical recordings and experiments in sound I have done over the years. Most of them were recorded while I was in highschool, five or so years ago, but I plan to add more – maybe more mature – recordings soon, once I get my software up and running.

Here’s some of the instruments I’ve used: electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, banjo, mandolin, fruity loops software, keyboards, synthesizers, various pedals, pots & pans, my voice, harmonica, turntables and some others.

The songs are in no particular order and come from an array of influences (Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Aphex Twin, John Zorn, Dmitri Shostakovich, Jurassic 5 and other related artists), some being a little on the strange side. I hope to add some recent acoustic pieces soon. Anyway, the menu will always be up there on the blog, so take a look… or listen.

Literary Cannibalism Can Lead to Creative Kuru

This is an older poem. It fell into my head after listening to an episode of NPR’s “Radiolab” that talked about the origins of the muse. In it, there was a short monologue by a man who would definitely fall into my list of top ten human beings, Tom Waits. He said that he approaches each of his songs as if they were living creatures. He talks to them; tries to understand their habits; their inner workings. Almost like spirits that wrestle his attention until he gives in and turns them into music. Sometimes though, Waits said, they show up unexpectedly at the wrong moments and then never return. I think anyone who attempts to harness their own creative energy as a means to live without personal insanity, which I believe is a large sum of people, including EVERYONE who blogs, can relate to that.

Literary Cannibalism Can Lead to
Creative Kuru

No use in searching for a poem –
It will find you and make itself known.

Unannounced, unintended, untimely, unexpected
It crudely intrudes while you’re uncollected.

It finds you soaking, standing in the shower,
Or far from freedom, frozen in rush-hour;

When you’re without aid of paper or pen
You shout, “Leave me alone, but come back again!”

Yet only the former request is respected,
And the poem again becomes undetected.

Melting Perspective

Melting Perspective

First things first: If you have an eclectic taste for music, follow this link They’re called Piccola Orchestra Gagarin, and I have trouble describing their style. They are sort of experimental chamber music… only not really… but kind of. When you’re done, as a suggestion, listen to Herbie Hancock’s key solo at the end of “Sly”. His notes rattle off like a ballerina falling down the stairs, only to be brought back to her feet and then hurtled by these powerful Oriental sounding chords at the end.

Second things second: I pulled the title of my blog, “cognifeeder,” from a poem I wrote a while ago, and I thought that I should post it. The poem has to do with how words feed our brain by creating concepts, concepts create things, and the qualities of these things are completely dependent on the control of our words. Here is that poem:

This Poem Exists

Everything exists,

In some way,

On some level.

Chair, desk,

Right, left,

Writings, words,

Scribbled, slurred,

The bizarre, the odd,

And even the gods.




Well then,

What is a chair

Or a god?


A chair provides comfort

After too much walking.

A god provides comfort

After too much talking.


They are but chronometers,

Glass geared cognifeeders,

Hung on bent nails,

High above a hard,

Unforgiving ground.