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The keys for our words

Uncover some keys to our words,

And upon close inspection

It seems quite absurd

That we choose to slash sayings

Over asking a question,

Or that the quality of our quotations

Is valued less than possession.

Percentages and money

Wane in utilization

To numbers,

Who are used even more than exclamation!

We equal things out

More than add things together,

And the space between symbols

Has the longest space by measure.

The pointer on our right hand gets an eight-pointer in Scrabble

Yet, the middle of the left hand must jump up to tackle

An e-mazingly much used vowel, pushed up and afar,

And with the illogic of this layout, most vowels are.

In the past it kept letters from jamming together,

but technology has changed, so can the QWERTY be better?