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Ain’t Easy Bein Kesey

"I was too young to be a beatnik, and too old to be a hippie"

Kerouac traveled far, but I went FURTHER.

Somewhere along the way I tripped on a school bus

and was sent tumbling merrily across America.


Just let the Kool-Aid carry ya.


Jerry and I ran some tests,

and even the Angels turned on

tuned in

dropped out:

We got help from the man with the guru grin

who was “on the outside looking in”

and coined that magick mantra.


Chief Broom opened my Demon Box

and I flew over the cuckoo clocks

all the way to Oregon

where Leland Stamper told me to





Maybe I should have taken Leland’s advice.

Does blotter burn the brain??


A lysergic chisel and a mind made of wood

has fashioned me more inspired/less understood.


From where I once stood, has it been too high of a climb?

I’m not too sure

“I been away a long time.”