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I tried writing a quick poem under five minutes with whatever came to my head first. I was sort-of inspired by Gertrude Stein’s stream-of-consciousness style and Ginsberg’s “first thought, best thought”, although this misses the mark of those poetic prophets.


If it doesn’t burn

You should have no problem

Interrupting erupting embers

With your cold touch,

Shift with clutch,

Don’t take much of such

With a grain of salt… halt.


Give it a break

For time-breach sake,

Don’t make – if you can’t relate


Come back around,

With walls of sound,

Beat to the ground.

Compound and compensate

For what you can’t make;

Two hands will shake

To seal one’s fate.


Ambiguity spawns ingenuity,

Embellished with stupidity

Cuz I don’t have this planed



Make the consonants crack

By loosening slack

Between word rhythms.

It’s culinary for your soul kitchen.



It don’t take enough

To pull a diamond from the rough

So either keep pressing on

Or call my bluff.

Stereophonic Chronic

I would like to announce the introduction of a new menu on this blog. It’s that one up there that says “Stereophonic Chronic.”

It is a collection of musical recordings and experiments in sound I have done over the years. Most of them were recorded while I was in highschool, five or so years ago, but I plan to add more – maybe more mature – recordings soon, once I get my software up and running.

Here’s some of the instruments I’ve used: electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, banjo, mandolin, fruity loops software, keyboards, synthesizers, various pedals, pots & pans, my voice, harmonica, turntables and some others.

The songs are in no particular order and come from an array of influences (Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Aphex Twin, John Zorn, Dmitri Shostakovich, Jurassic 5 and other related artists), some being a little on the strange side. I hope to add some recent acoustic pieces soon. Anyway, the menu will always be up there on the blog, so take a look… or listen.

This is Just an Experiment

I wish I could tell people
My oddity
Is the product of
Or sociological
That I am conducting,
And they, participating in.
That my actions are all
Calculated and with
That their reaction to my,
Inappropriate comment
Is intriguing,
To say the least,
But I will have to bring it under
Further analysis.
But in actuality,
I’m just strange,
Without deeper intentions
Inspiring doings.
Thanks to the puter-upers
With the decency
to just shrug
And continue on
Their own
Peculiar path.