messed up people

cta wtf

go fighting irish

you were crazy last night
you were falling all over the place, and then when I
fell into you

no, it was that second place we were at

you were so gone
I mean
not that I wasn’t

we should do a cleanse

I said we should do a cleanse

it will
detox all the alcohol


ladies and gentlemen
it’s a beautiful day today
I want to share with you my purpose from god


no, it’s bad to have all of that sit
in your liver
a cleanse would just make us
free of all the


rachel was talking a lot of stupid shit last night

oh my god
what a bitch


you see
I had a mom who wasn’t there
and not because she couldn’t
but the way we was doing things weren’t all right
I’m going to do better
I’m going to make some revenues with entertainment
not sell drugs
not anymore
you see people
I’ve been to jail
but I’m on the comeup now baby
this is it
you know a lot of people don’t know god
god told me that I was an entertainer
so that’s what I’m going to give you blessed people


no she didn’t
oh my god
she would

well you heard that thing she did with Brian


no it’s some guy
he just got on the subway

I don’t know


everybodys got a purpose
you feel me
and my purpose is to be in the entertainment business
god has a plan for me
my gifts will bring huge
economic revenues
so listen
let me start-it-off for you here…


that’s just how rachel is
she’s always like that
her parents give her everything
and she still complains about working
two days a week

I know right

because when I say something about it
she’s gotta be all…


*boomboomboom click*
started with noth’en
*boomboomboom click*
ain’t got mon
*boomboomboom click*
but now I entertain
*boomboomboom click*
cuz god told
*boomboomboom click*
I’m gunna be famous
*boomboomboom click*
ain’t gunna be
*boomboomboom click*
mak’en that money
*boomboomboom click*
ain’t sling’en no


are you going to that thing tonight at rachel’s
I mean…


*boomboomboom click*
cuz god gave me a


her parents are like out of town and…

yeah she’s a bitch

I dunno
I’m still going…

I dunno
he’s like crazy or something
he’s banging on the windows…


*boomboomboom click*
and now I’ma righteous


he’s black

I dunno
people are trying to
ignore him


*boomboomboom click*


I know
some people just don’t care


*boomboomboom click*


there’s some messed up people in this world

About cognifeeder

My name is Josh. I like to think about things. I also like to write (albeit, “type” might be a more appropriate verb). Sometimes, I can muster these two likes into an enthralling synergy of self-expression. Sometimes not. Cognifeeder was a word I made up in this poem. To me, a “Cognifeeder” is any bit of learned information. A Cognifeeder is a piece of culture, something learned that contributes to one's map of reality. The world is littered with Cognifeeders. Take them lightly. When I’m not blogging, I run Sonata, a digital marketing and SEO agency based in Aledo, Texas.

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