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Note #2

Religion, politics, psychology, education, cultural theory, philosophy – people who devote their lives to the study of these topics sometimes feel like they are studying the cement of humanity; the discipline to rule them all. But humanity isn’t a paved road with one cement that binds us. It’s a mixed media sculpture, with super glue, sticky tack, duct tape, cement and nails.

Buckminster Fuller once said that “the universe is non-simultaneously apprehended.” So, to the intellectuals, mystics and self-proclaimed profits who think they understand, who think their life’s devotion is the best way, who think they hold THE key, just remember it won’t fit in every door.

“Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors”

Burrr... It just got a little frosty in here.

This is my first post in about a week because of my six-day work week and all my free time spent either with my girlfriend or working on the prospects of writing a Holy Book. I have a poetic introduction to this (most serious joke) book in the works which I will eventually post, but in the meantime this is a piece I did last year that I will post for the sake of saving this blog from lapsing into a full on coma.







“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall”

During epiphanies of disinterest with the self.

Something there is, in moments of clarity,

That doesn’t love the big blinding barricades

Constructed from the bricks of right or wrong,

This way or that, A or B, true or false…

Stones of perceived mathematical objectivity.

Language is the foreman of such mental masonry.

When courage is gathered to climb over these walls,

Leaving behind one’s Humpty Dumpty fears,

The ego erodes to uncover the bottom layer:

A layer deeper than the crust of character and

Even deeper than the mantle of one’s mannerisms;

Down to the pineal core where one finds that

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.”