Living Through Chemistry

Chemistry is everything, nothing isn’t chemistry,

Bonds bounce through our brain.

Making us laugh, sniffle, sigh, cry, fuck, eat, wonder, act, react, this, that, on, and on

Making us go insane.

Chemicals are everywhere, housed in matter,

But it doesn’t matter.

No matter what we know,

All is the same.


We know only of making things

As means to know more about making more things.

There are no ends, only means.

Everything is mean!

An eventual regression to the mean.

“I thought she was a great person… until we hung out more.

I then realized that she was a waste of time.”

That’s because you didn’t collect enough samples at the beginning.

You needed more data.

Only then could all her qualities collapse into average.

Everything is average.


Outliers are only there to make you question:


But in the mean-time, ordinarily, I’m usually typically average,

and questioning?


About cognifeeder

My name is Josh. I like to think about things. I also like to write (albeit, “type” might be a more appropriate verb). Sometimes, I can muster these two likes into an enthralling synergy of self-expression. Sometimes not. Cognifeeder was a word I made up in this poem. To me, a “Cognifeeder” is any bit of learned information. A Cognifeeder is a piece of culture, something learned that contributes to one's map of reality. The world is littered with Cognifeeders. Take them lightly. When I’m not blogging, I run Sonata, a digital marketing and SEO agency based in Aledo, Texas.

Posted on May 2, 2012, in philosophy, poetry and tagged , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. marcofreschi

    This poem rocks out. Rad poem, it’s writing poetry like this that makes poetry worth writing, not weak vague poetry that bores me. This poem grabbed my eyeballs and tore them towards the screen, and I couldn’t break free of it’s grip. Volcanic writing man; so pure

  2. that was really good. you put it right out there for the reader to grasp right away. i do that occasionally.

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