Landscape with the Haul of Icarus

Driving from work

Toward more daily chores

The lights from the pigs

Shook my head from the boar bore.


They blocked off the road:


Swindled by these swine

My car fell in line.

Further time from Caroline,

I wait in the car-o-line.


And the line thought –

“Come on, come on;

Stop moving so slow.

Let’s move this along;

I got places to go.”


Up ahead I could see,

Where the car hit the tree.

they loaded him onto a stretcher

and hauled him into the back of an ambulance

(a little red adorned his white wrappings (wax wings?))


“Come on, come on;

Stop moving so slow.

Let’s move this along;

I got places to go.”


Glass, metal, blood sunk

Into bark splintered tree trunk.


“Come on, Come on;

Stop moving so slow.

Let’s move this along;

I got places to go.”


The cops leaked us by,

I did the gas-pedal-lean,

Past another who couldn’t fly,

But wasn’t noth’en I ain’t seen.

About cognifeeder

My name is Josh. I like to think about things. I also like to write (albeit, “type” might be a more appropriate verb). Sometimes, I can muster these two likes into an enthralling synergy of self-expression. Sometimes not. Cognifeeder was a word I made up in this poem. To me, a “Cognifeeder” is any bit of learned information. A Cognifeeder is a piece of culture, something learned that contributes to one's map of reality. The world is littered with Cognifeeders. Take them lightly. When I’m not blogging, I run Sonata, a digital marketing and SEO agency based in Aledo, Texas.

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  1. Just to clarify: “Caroline” is my girlfriend’s name. I was on my way to pick her up.

  2. LOL I got that, and nice pun btw, it’s always nice to see another as punny as me…

  3. You spit truth, Josh who’s from Cleveland. shared this poem on our site’s twitter! #yolo

  4. really good. a lot of ppl only think about themselves and fail to see the bigger picture

  5. very much enjoyed this

  6. very nice, makes me think about when I’m in a hurry all the time.. places to go bro!

  7. Great view.

    And slots in nicely with how hard it actually is to find out what happened in the accidents you see/hear about. They seem to never make the news so you don’t know if the people were okay.

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